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Deadline - NBC Universal Film Festival Finalists

NBCUniversal Short Film Festival Unveils Finalists, Sets Record For Female Representation

The finalists will be recognized at an awards ceremony Oct. 24 at the Director’s Guild of America in Hollywood where their short films will be screened. This finalists went on quite a selection process as they were chosen from more than 3,400 submissions. Four out of the six finalists were written and/or directed by women, and female characters are at the center of four of the shorts. 

OSCARS - 2018 Student academy awards finalists

This year the Academy received 1,582 films. MASKS was selected as a semi-finalist, which put it in the top 5% of all submissions. Then with it’s advancement into the finalist round, MASKS was represented in the top 8 films chosen in the Narrative Domestic category.

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“Day in the Life” - Podcast interview

Interviewed by Brittney Lynn, creator of “Day in the Life” podcast, Mojan shares what a day in her life is really like as an actress living in Hollywood. She shares how she got started in the entertainment industry, the most difficult part about being an actress and a producer, her thoughts on the state of Hollywood and how the industry is changing amidst sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse, advice she’d give to anyone who wants to become an actor/actress, what she thinks people misconceive about the entertainment industry and so much more!